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- Bio -

I’m Tom. I’m 32. My favourite food is coffee. My favourite day is coffee… wait. 

Tom Richardson


Tom Richardson is your newest oldest friend. And his brand new offering - ‘Promise of the Light’ - will leave you feeling as fulfilled as your most inspired coffee date.

Tom’s songwriting, story telling & intricate guitar playing are a delicate balance of grace, truth and passion, evident of an artist whose soul shows signs of unpaved back-roads, with sleeves stained by countless hearts from all corners of the globe. Appreciating the liberation in exploration and privilege of forging relationships with listeners and cultures around the world, Tom has performed in 15 different countries, reflected in musical arrangements better categorised by emotion and experience, rather than genre.

As 2019 marks a decade as a full-time independent artist, Tom Richardson might just be your next ‘over-life’ success story. Having shared songs and stories at almost every festival in his homeland Australia, and stages with Joe Bonamassa, Cold Chisel and John Butler Trio, his passport now shows memories of musical collaborations with Native American poets, Indian Kirtan masters, Fijian highland village choirs & indigenous Australian icons. It’s a musical odyssey that includes regular tours around Australia, North America, Asia and Europe leading to “rave reviews, prime festival slots, and international airplay”. - The Standard

Haunting & romantic, lyrically deeply moving

With a genuinely infectious demeanour, Tom’s live performances have been described as the “best opening to a festival yet!” (Port Fairy Folk Festival, Australia).

It's not uncommon to experience people laughing, crying, dancing and singing - often long after the show has finished. Entire theatres have been known to exit at the end of a performance, continuing to sing in unison all the way out. Renowned as a “maestro” for his “clever skills” (The AU Review) on the loop pedal, Tom is seen dancing over his pedals, creating soundscapes of four part vocal harmonies, multiple guitar sections and complicated percussion grooves, all live on stage.

I will eat my dinner suit if Tom is not a roaring success