Find Your Voice on AUstralia’s GOT TALENT!

The ultimate celebration of human spirit! Find Your Voice - All Abilities Choir on Australia's Got Talent, Episode 7 - August 18th 2019 🤟 Please spread the love, friends - like & share this magical musical family. They've changed my life & I reckon they'll change yours!


The extended performance & interview is available to watch at the 23:30 minute mark via….

Most importantly, I'd like to thank my partner in Find Your Voice crime, superwoman Kylie Thulborn - without who, this whole adventure would never be possible!

Only love, Tom xx

PS - Thank you all for so many beautiful messages, I will reply to y'all as soon as I can!


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Calling on anyone...

Good morning, friends! This week I’ve been lucky enough to be hanging out with the legends at the Warrnambool Special Development School. Calling on anyone in south-west Victoria who may have any musical instruments/equipment that are no longer being used, that you’d like to donate to their music department. They are seriously under-equipped & there’s some super talented, artistic students who could really use some new gear! Please send me a direct message if you may be able to assist in any way. Thank you, Tom